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Working with first time film makers, mainly boys and young men, after some brief training we plan, film then edit the film. During the process they learn how to listen to their friends and talk about their feelings.

When the films are shown to their peers the effects can transform the environment within a school making it a more open place where it is ‘ok’ to ‘not be ok’.

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Covid Consequences: A Community Conversation

Covid-19 and lockdown have led to a rise in financial hardship, mental health issues and domestic abuse. In this public Zoom meeting, Bath MP Wera Hobhouse and local charities discuss the challenges they are seeing and the support on offer. Guest speakers: Will Reed, Youth Advisor at Boys in Mind/Girls Mind Too, a local youth-led organisation with a particular focus on boys and young men, which aims to challenge stigma surrounding mental health and ultimately prevent suicide.

"This is little Wakanda baby"


In April 2020 Lewis, 17, took his own life. Because of Lockdown there could be no funeral so his family raised money for a UK charity Boys in Mind. This film was made encouraging a different expression of masculinity.

What is the BiM film project?

The Boys in Mind film project creates a space for young people to film each other and talk about some of the things that affect them.

Alex and Gabe

Gabe and Alex talk about the difficulty of being able to share their experiences and mental health with others and how by sharing it helps with recovery.

will vlog

gabe vlog

Schools Care.

Manny and Isaac talk about the support they have had from their secondary school, Ralph Allen in Bath

finn and eva

eli vlog

It's good to talk

Gabe talks about an assembly at Beechen Cliff school, Bath, where they shared personal testimonies of both teachers and pupils talking about their struggles with low mental health. Alex talks about the changes within the school where it is now ok to talk.

Emma and Maddie vlog

William vlog

Manny and Isaac

Isaac’s brother took his own life at the age of 19. Isaac and his friend Manny talk about getting support from school, family and friends and how gender can influence the support people receive”

eli dancing textless

Phoebe Vlog

otto vlog

St. Michaels School

3-year-old Coco has some advice for children stuck at home.

It's tough being kept at home during the Coronavirus lock in, but Coco has some advice for other children.

Oli's ginger beer

What helps?

Students and Staff at Ralph Allen school talk about what gets them stressed, what they do about it and how they can help others.

#Getting Through This Together.

A short compilation of some of the Boys in Mind team talking about how they are getting through this strange time.

Interview Mr. Grosvenor

Matt Grosvenor, Headteacher, talks about outdoor play and learning at Paulton Junior School and how it’s helped the school to be rated “Outstanding” by OFSTED


Eva and Finn 2