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Imagine having a portrait painting or photograph that could talk. Imagine having a portrait that captures the essence of who you are. Imagine being able to share this portrait of you easily through out the world and feel really seen.

These are a few things that having a portrait made by me can be. I work with dissolving the space between you and me and you and the world.

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The sensual engagement of art

Steve talks about how both personal and business engagement with art may help open our eyes to see the world in a different light.

Learning to not speak

Alex talks about being filmed and how she might use it with friends and colleagues to find a place of acknowledgement and peace.

An Irish Friendliness

Jimmy has worked in Gay's the Word, Britain's longest running gay bookshop, for over 30 years. As the manager he brings his warm Irish charm to those he meets.


Johnny captures portraits in glass. He guides his subjects through an immersive process using their body as the template. The finished portrait is a unique blueprint and a celebration of their embodiment.


Nic, the creator of 'Soul Biographies' talks about how he makes his films and what it is to see someone and be seen by him.

The Language of the Heart

Hans talks about the Heart and how by listening to the sound of his heart he felt recognised and opened to joy.


Dancing seven nights a week.


Fran talks about the importance of family in her life.


Chris talks about the value of home in his life.

"This is little Wakanda baby"


Philip talks about the value of friendship and community.

My father

A Space for Possibility


Bernadette, a 5Rhythms dance teacher talks about dancing herself back to health.

Gwen and Neil, Finding each other.

In the garden shed