I love collaborating with other film makers and sharing our skills and crafting the footage into a series of revealing films. I edit previously shot material and in the process have a glimpse into another world. Sometimes the films are for internal purposes only or are of such a delicate nature that they can only be seen by the people filmed.

This requires discretion and trust on both parties and it is a privilege to be involved in this process.

Meyler Campbell

Meyler Campbell is a world renowned executive coach training and leadership development community.

I edited a series of portraits of their client experiences for their 'What We Do' page on their website which were filmed by Lloyd Wigglesworth over a period of two months.

This series of testimonials has enabled Meyler Campbell celebrate the depth of their training. Working with an organisation like Meyler Campbell was a privilege and something I would love to come and do with you.

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The Alexander Partnership

The Alexander Partnership coach leaders from high profile start-ups to FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies using techniques based on Timothy Gallwey’s Inner Game Theory.

This series of films, which I edited, showcase the executive coaches in the Alexander Partnership. It enabled them to consider and express what it is they love about coaching and what are their unique styles.

It is also partly a way for potential clients to quickly get a sense of each coach in the organisation. Having time to think about what you do and to remember why you do it is an important and powerful experience.

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