Broadcast Film Editor

General Documentary

The Sound of Song. First programme in BBC4 series where Neil Brand examines music recording techniques from their origins to the present day. Director Alastair Laurence.

Hotel. Various episodes in the “rig show” C4 comedy documentary series set in Torquay for Dragonfly TV. Producer Helen Littleboy, Directors Simon Kerfoot and Heidi Perry.

The Watermen. First programme in BBC2 series about a water company. Director Simon Kerfoot.

The Sydney Conservatorium. Feature length documentary and 8 short films about the prestigious music school in Australia. Director Bruce Wills.

Casablanca Calling. Theatrical feature length documentary in Arabic about women preachers in Morocco changing lives throughout the country for Rebird Films. Producer Hilary Durman, Director Rosa Rogers

Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature. 3rd episode of BBC1 series about how amazing animals are and how they work. Director Graham Smith.

Grand Designs Various Episodes C4 series about house building with Kevin McCloud. Directors Ann Lalic, Mike Radcliffe, Max Baring,

Rolf on Welsh Art, Augustus John. BBC Series about Welsh artists presented by Rolf Harris. Director Ken Kirby.

People I Have Shot and The Wind in The Willows Films in the ITV1 series Perspectives with David Suchet and Griff Rhys Jones. Directors Harry Hook and Ian MacMillan.

Ben Hur of Bath, Save the Last Dance and Own Art Programmes for the BBC1 Imagine series about a people’s production of Ben Hur, a Sadlers Wells dance company of elders and the public ownership of art. Director Fran Landsman.

Griff Rhys-Jones Greatest Cities. Films about New York and Hong Kong for ITV1 series. Griff Rhys-Jones Secrets of African Art for BBC 2 Director Harry Hook.

Amanda Holden’s Fantasy Lives. Programme for ITV1 where Amanda Holden tries to become a country singer. Director Harry Hook.

Alone in the Wild. C4 series where Ed Wardle attempts to survive for 50 days in the wild. Directors Steven Finnigan and Andrew Graham-Brown

Everest. Beyond the Limit. Final part of 6 for Discovery USA. Director Martin Palethorpe.

My Family and Autism about a single mother, Jacqui Jackson, with seven children four of whom are Autistic. Winner of a RADAR award for Best Documentary and Nominated for RTS, International Emmy, Banff Rockie Award and BAFTA Flaherty award. This also lead to a new BBC strand called This is my Family and a BBC2 drama with Helena Bonham-Carter called Magnificent 7 for BBC Films. Director Fran Landsman.

Secret Life Of The Classroom for C4 about children’s first year at school Nominated for an RTS Education Award. Producer Sam Organ, Director Fran Landsman

The Waughs, Fathers and Sons. 90 minute Documentary for BBC Arts about five generations of the male line of the Waugh family. Producer Mary Sackville-West, Director Fran Landsman

From Guys to Dolls and From Barnyard to Bollywood. Two films for ITV1 in the For One Night Only series. Director Simon Kerfoot.

Abba The Reunion 90 minute Documentary for ITV1 about their 30th anniversary celebrations since they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. Abba Perfect Hits documentary for ITV1 analysing what makes Abba’s music so great and sustainable. Directors Steve Cole and Chris Hunt.


Chuggington various episodes of a very popular children’s series about trains. Director Sarah Ball.

Angry Kid Christmas special for BBC3. Director Darren Walsh.

Creature Comforts 1 animated series of conversations for Aardman Animations. Director Richard Golesowski

Robbie the Reindeer in Hooves of Fire and Legend of the Lost Tribe Christmas animations for BBC1 and Comic Relief. Winners of fifteen International Awards including BAFTA Best Entertainment Programme and International Emmy. Directors Richard Golesowski and Peter Peake.

The Morph Files 13 episodes of animation for Aardman Animations and BBC1. Nominated for Indie Award. Producer Dave Sproxton.

The Animators Survival Guide. 10 part instructional DVD series for animators. Directors Richard Williams and Mo Southam.

History of British Animation Documentary for BBC4 about propaganda and advertising in Animation from it’s start to the present day. Nominated for a Grierson Award. Director Merryn Threadgould.


Daphne. 90 minute drama for BBC2 about Daphne du Maurier. Director Claire Bevan

Mr Loveday’s Little Outing. Drama for BBC 4 based on a short story by Evelyn Waugh. Producer Mark Harrison, Director Sam Hobkinson.

The Longest Memory drama for C4 about slavery. Writer Fred D’Aguiar Producer John Willis Director Mark Harrison.

Environmental Documentary

The Future of Life documentary in the David Attenborough State of the Planet series Winner of Special Jury prize at Jackson Hole, nominated for BAFTA. Director Kate Broome.

Frozen Assets and Secrets in the Sands environmental documentaries in the BBC2 Nature series and Living With El Nino a Nature Special. Directors John Deering, Andrea Brown and Kate Broome

Inside Animals Extreme Lives The physiology of animals living in extreme environments. Director Tim Scoones.

Health Documentary

The Men’s Ward documentary for BBC2 Men’s Health season. Director Fran Landsman.

Hormone Heaven documentary in the BBC2 Body Chemistry series. Nominated for a Popular Science Award at the Beijing International Science Film Festival. Director Kimberly Littlemore.

QED Joella about an inter-sex teenager. Director Gail Taylor.

Breaking the Aids Barrier about the development of a cheap drug for treating Aids. Director Tuppence Stone.

Bitter Inheritance two documentaries about inherited genetic diseases. Director Fran Landsman.

Comic Relief documentaries

For seven years I edited the documentaries and inserts for BBC1’S Comic Relief including Behind the Nose Tony Robinson in Tanzania. Billy Connolly’s Return to Nose and Beak Billy Connolly’s revisit ten years on to Mozambique . Victoria Wood’s Dirty Weekend Victoria Wood with a family in Zimbabwe. Balls to Africa A three part series about a celebrity football tour of Africa. Walk on by. documentary about homeless young people in London with Lenny Henry. Directors Mark Harrison and Julia Simmons. Rwanda Hope in Hell Fergal Keane and Paul Bradley return to Rwanda to meet the women survivors of the Genocide. Director Kate Broome. Nominated for BAFTA and RTS award for editing. Naked Red Nose Ground Force in Practice Three teams of celebrities see what a difference can be made to people’s lives in one day. Director Shirley Pope.

Older Documentaries

Alexei Sayle’s Liverpool. Film for BBC 2 series about Liverpool. Directors Lucy Swingler and Matt Hill.

Death and Chocolate. One film in the BBC4 Series about the history of Paris. Director Tim Dunn

Monarchy by David Starkey Programme 1 in the history series for C4 Director Steven Clarke.

Losing It documentary for C4 in the Equinox series about sports psychology and science. Winner of Royal Television Society Award for Best Sports Documentary. Director Mark Harrison

Great Britons Elizabeth 1st. Presented by Michael Portillo. Director Jonathon Stedall.

Orphans of the Airlift. Film for C4 about children removed from Vietnam by the Daily Mail newspaper. Director Elizabeth Dobson.

From Aleppo to Aqaba with Alexei Sayle, From Dakar to Dogon Country with Danny Glover and From Granada to Salamanca with Michael Portillo all documentaries in the Great Railway Journeys series. Directors David Hickman and Jonathon Stedall.

Welcome to the Jungle programme 2 in the seminal Channel 4 series Visions of Heaven and Hell. Nominated for Royal Television Society Editing Award. Directors Mark Harrison and Leanne Klein

Dolphin and Snake programmes presented by Miranda Richardson about the mythology of animals for the BBC2 series Magic Animals. Directors Mark Harrison and Anne Hawker.

Sticks and Stones and Ha Bloody Ha documentaries in the BBC2 Bully season. Winner of Samaritans Media Award. Directors Kate Broome and Julia Simmons.

999 actuality and dramatised reconstructions for BBC1 999 series. Directors include Michael Davies, Gail Taylor, Perry Miller, Andrew Jackson, Peter Jamieson and Helen Royle.

Vets in Practice various episodes in a popular BBC1 series about Vets.

Hastings documentary in the BBC2 War Walks series with Richard Holmes

Breaking the Front from the Western Front series. Directors Steven Clarke and Mark Fielder.

Runnymede documentary for the BBC2 War and Peace season. Director Pat Holland.

Sandwich and Videotape in the BBC2 Small Objects of Desire series. Directors Anne Hawker and Gail Taylor.

Concorde and The Tractor documentaries in the BBC2 Perpetual Motion series . Directors Gail Taylor and Steven Clarke.

The Two Worlds of the Innu documentary about the Innu from Canada and Caterpillar Moon documentary about The Aka from The Central African Republic both for the BBC2 Under the Sun series. Directors Ken Kirby and Julia Simmons

The Last Launch and Lawyers both six part observational series for the BBC2 and Channel Four. Directors Bernard Hall, James McAlpine and Steve Timmins, Peter Farrell.

My Friend Little Ben with Vitali Vitaliev and A Kiss is just a Kiss with Michael Cashman, authored documentaries in the BBC1 Byline series. Directors Graham Moore and Peter Farrell.

Return to St. Petersburg documentary in Russian for the BBC2 Battle for Leningrad Season. Director Mark Harrison.