I really enjoy my work and think you should enjoy the process too.  I am able to to think outside the box and find cost effective ways to meet any challenges.  Those I have worked with have listed some of my qualities as , inspiring, creative, thoughtful and supportive and I hope to share those with you and have fun in the process.


The Soul of Business

Transformative video in a corporate context A process that starts before you even make contact. Something is stuck in your business that you want to shift? Or something that shifted in your organisation that you want to capture? Whatever it is we will go on a journey of collaboration to investigate.

Film Portraits

The process starts with a conversation. A time is arranged and a day set aside for filming. I can come to you or you can come to me. The filming process is very simple. All we need is a quiet space two chairs and a window to light your face.

Mentoring, Training and Editing

I have worked with many international clients enabling them to grow their film making skills. I provide short bespoke videos to illustrate how to do something or more detailed training programmes for specific processes. A project that needs editing? I can provide that service. I have cut more than 300 films from documentary to drama, commercials to charity films.