I have worked with many international clients enabling them to grow their film making skills and improve their films. When mentoring I work alongside you tailoring the work whether you are a complete beginner or more experienced. With over 35 years programme making experience I have that knowledge to advise on all aspects of film making.

We work together in many ways online depending what is required. These include via Skype calls to advise about any aspect of film making screen sharing to sort specific issues, detailed revues of films you are making or helping define the road map of your work.

The sessions can be on a regular basis, working with me on a monthly retainer or to occasional sessions as needed. We can work together in person or online, both have fantastic results.


There is so much free training online which addresses how to use editing software and some if it is excellent. I started editing on film and have used most professional editing software so I am well equipped to help with any technical problems that you may experience. I provide short bespoke videos to illustrate how to do something. I also make more detailed training programmes for specific processes if needed. This is unique, niche content that addresses your needs. I have also trained individuals and groups in person on the technical and craft side of editing.


If you have a project that needs editing, I can provide that service. I have cut more that 300 films ranging from documentary to drama, commercials to charity films. They have been shown internationally to audiences ranging from 12 million to one. I use whichever professional editing software you require to fit in with your current workflow. I can work supervised or unsupervised, remotely or at yours. I am flexible over the timescale of the project and length of the film. Whatever your editing needs I will be able to fill it.

To see a list of some of my credits check out my CV