I am an award winning Film Editor with over 30 years of Broadcast experience.  I am now making Film Portraits which capture people openly and show what it is like to be a human being.  I also work with Boys in Mind and our aim is to reduce the number of deaths by suicide of young men.

This is a film I have recently made for Boys in Mind with words by one of our youth advisors.


The reason there are 4 films of me below is that I encourage others to show themselves in their portraits so I thought I should show some of mine.

A few months ago I had a diagnosis of something that has grown in my brain. I am ok but this film is about my feelings around the Cavernoma and also what happens when it bleeds in my brain.

I also work mentoring others who are learning to film and edit.  This film, letting go and Learning to Stop, was shot at a weekend retreat I was hosting.

For me, being in front of the camera is a scary place. I thought if I am encouraging people make film portraits and to show their films I should do it too.

I am also a foster carer and recently made a series of films about fostering, below is mine.

Some further examples of my work can be found in the links below.

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