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I made this series of films for Bath & North East Somerset Council. The purpose was to capture actual Foster carers talking authentically about their experience of fostering.

These Carers have looked after between 1 and 100 children spanning a period from a couple of years to over 50.

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Fostering, why do it?

A short film where foster carers talk about why they look after other poeple's children.

Andy's fostering story

Andy has been fostering with his wife Sandra for over 10 years, giving a home to many children.

Fostering, A love story.

This film is a love story. Doreen and Peter have been foster brother and sister for over 65 years and they are still great friends.

Andrew's Fostering Story

Some thoughts on what it is like to be a long tern foster carer for two boys.

Claire's fostering story

Claire and her husband work with children and young people and saw the need to for further care.

Richard's fostering story

Richard and his wife have been forstering for nearly 50 years and have looked after over 100 children.

Sandra's fostering story

Sandra has been fostering for over 10 years with children ranging from birth to 18 years old.

iain's fostering story

Iain talks about his role as a foster carer for Bath and North East Somerset.

Gill's fostering story

Gill talks about the joys and difficulties fostering as a single parent.