My good friend Julian kindly made a film about the work I have been doing with him. I am very touched and so pleased that I can help make a difference to his films.

I’ve met Andrew for the first time in August 2014 during a Soul Biographies retreat with Nic Askew. Andrew showed us the power of editing and how much we can add to our filming by carefully and very consciously editing our material.

It has been an absolute privilege to continue to work with him as an advisor, a supporter and a guide on my path of learning to master the editing part of film making. I should add that he is providing this support in a way where he challenges people to pay attention to the smallest details – no detail is missed by him – driving quality AND does so as a master from a human perspective, allowing people to learn from and feel excited by the productions they make as a result.

Joep C. de Jong
November 2016

Hi Andrew,

I feed indebted to you for your guidance on Skype and the time you invested trying to fix the audio interview track I sent.  I am quite certain I would not have been able to post the video to share with the group as I did without your help….

We are all of us privileged to be able to tap the combination of your technical expertise and aesthetic sensibility in the area of film-making.  Thank you for going the extra distance for us!


Dear Andrew

Wow that is such a rich review. So deep and comprehensive. I am so grateful. I wonder if you should be running some film making classes by reviewing some films with groups. You have such an eye and feel for it, plus the technical knowledge to go with it….

Thanks so much,

Hi Andrew

I have just looked at these and am really impressed. It is good to see them all coming together. They cover so much alongside raising the emotional impact as well.

I am so pleased to see our carers being involved in doing this. They certainly brought a lump to my throat as well as a smile.

I will leave all the technical stuff to you and Olivia You are clearly doing a great job.

Thank you very much

Rosemary Pickering
Team Manager
Family Placement Team,
Bath & North East Somerset Council


Thank you . You’ve been so generous with Tim and me , I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve added to the film over the last two days . Tim and I are on a big learning curve and I’ve learnt a lot from just watching you . I really hope you can come to Hull to see the film on the big screen as you are an important part of the story .

A massive thanks from me and I really hope we work together again at some point soon …

Sue Roberts
BBC Editor Audio Drama and The Verb R3 Salford

Hi Andrew,

….. I really think you’ve helped bring along the film in a coherent way and its been great to have your input.  Hope to see you at the screening, but will no doubt talk before then.

Tim P Baxter
Creative Director Eight Engines Ltd

Hi Andrew

I thoroughly enjoyed our time on Monday, a  time for both personal and professional reflection. Thank you for your kind questions which allowed me to dig deeper and of course both yours and Iain’s warm and generous hospitality.

Today was probably one of the most important days in our business in the last decade – to have clients prepared to take time out and commit to video is very humbling.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results!



Thank you SO MUCH.

I’ve just watched them all and they look totally amazing. Your professional pixie-dust has taken them to another level. The difference a professional makes!

They look beautiful.  I’m so pleased….

Thank you so much for helping me to produce this. It’s very meaningful to me.



Dear Andrew,

Thank you so much!!! And this comes from the bottom of my heart. I’ll make sure that if the PhD ever matures I’ll mention you loud and clear as the one who helped me to improve with every film I made.

I’ll take your comments to heart – as I already did as you apparently see improvements even though this material was shot during the same period as the two previous films of her….

As said most of all I’m extremely grateful for the constructive feedback you are giving me and by doing so challenging me to make the next portrait even better. I have shoot some more film for portraits in December, and I have some other, older material, so the best portraits are yet to come!

Warm regards,