Annie Franklin

Annie Franklin is trained, and accredited by CEDR, with a mediation practice is underpinned by over 25 years experience in business. When people have become entrenched in their own stories, it is hard for them to hear an alternative view. Mediation uses a process of facilitated conversations which enable all participants to contribute, be listened to and begin the process of accepting another persons perceptions and opinion. Conducted in a confidential environment with voluntary participation, the process and content of mediation conversations are without prejudice. With skilled negotiation techniques and an intention to move into a more constructive relationship pattern in the future, her mediation practice can transform the way her clients business operates. Have a look at the videos I made for a glimpse of her approach.

Secrets and Lies

Mediation is the future

Be Yourself

Empty Head

If you have an organisation and you would like to hear the views of the your clients then please get in touch below.